Supervisor Training

Psychology Board of Australia – Supervisor Training

In June 2013, the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) introduced supervisor training requirements that apply to all psychologists who provide supervision to provisional and registered psychologists. There is now a requirement that supervisors be accredited through approved supervision training, and that this training is maintained through regular approved training.

Psychologists who wish to become a PsyBA-approved supervisor need to meet eligibility critieria (see PsyBA website for further information) and go through the Full Supervisor Training, which consists of three parts: (1) Knowledge assessment; (2) Skills training workshop; and (3) Competency-based assessment and evaluation. Psychologists who are already PsyBA-approved supervisors need to attend at least one Master Classes every 5 years to maintain their PsyBA approved supervisor status.

- Part 1 – Knowledge Assessment The Wentworth Forensic Clinic does not provide part one of the supervision training model (please see this link for other AHPRA accredited trainers who provide part one training).

- Part 2 - Skills Training Workshop (Prerequisite – completion of Part 1: Knowledge Assessment)

  • Two day workshop encompassing lecture, demonstration and role play of key skills in competency based supervision
  • Builds on information provided in part one online training
  • Walks through the supervision process including understanding the competency model of supervision, preparation of a supervision contract, components of effective supervision, provision of effective feedback, dealing with supervision problems and termination of the supervision process.
  • Preparation for the evaluation process (Part 3)

- Part 3 - Competency-based Assessment and Evaluation (Prerequisite – completion of Part 2: Skills Training Workshop)

  • Agenda driven review of video, where specific competency model based skills are demonstrated.

- Supervision Master Classes. A one day workshop is required every five years to maintain status as Psy-BA approved Supervisors, some examples

  • Masterclass 1 – Providing Effective Feedback – through lecture, demonstration (live and through video presentation) and practice, this workshop will focus on identifying how to most effectively provide (and receive) feedback within the supervisory process.
  • Masterclass 2 – Review of Supervision Practices and Principles – a one day summary of the two day general training – aimed at those psychologists who became supervisors without having done any supervisory training or want a refresher.
  • Masterclass 3 Using Deliberate Practice in Supervision (new!) This masterclass will outline what Deliberate Practice is (how psychologists can use purposeful and systemic practice to build their skills and psychological capacity), and how as a supervisor you can enhance your supervision skills by using Deliberate Practice as a part of your toolkit.
  • Masterclass 4 – Current Issues in Supervision Practice – small group interaction where participants bring in an agenda and video of supervision to sharpen skills through feedback and discussion. Please note: participants of this workshop must provide their agenda three (3) days prior to the workshop date and must have a high quality (in terms of being able to see and hear the interaction between the supervisor and consenting supervisee) video that has been reviewed and timemarked for specific discussion points related to the presented agenda.

The supervision training provided focuses on supervisors who are intending on providing supervision for higher placement or endorsement supervision. Some parts of this training are subsidised - if you are able to provide higher education supervision for students who are in UNSW Psychology Master of Psychology (Forensic or Clinical) programs – please contact Anita McGregor at if you believe you may qualify for the discount prior to registration. Only one subsidy ‘voucher’ per person will be provided in a calendar year (i.e., cancellations are not allowed).

Additionally, if you represent a group of psychologists from a particular area, and prefer a more focused training or have any general queries about the training provided by the Wentworth Forensic Clinic, please contact Anita McGregor at for further information.

All training provided in Sydney at the UNSW Kensington Campus (unless otherwise organized or noted). Notification of confirmation of class location, timing (usually 9am to 5pm) and other directions will be provided two weeks prior to the workshop. We reserve the right to cancel class due to lack of participants or to other reasonable issues.

Part 1

Not provided

Part 2 - Two Day Skills Training Workshop – maximum 12 participants: ($600) – no lunch or coffee provided. Workshops run 9am to 5pm

30 & 31 May, 2022 (Training dates revised) In-person Click here to register
1 & 2 Sep, 2022 In-person Click here to register
17 & 18 Nov , 2022 Online Click here to register

Part 3 - Competency-based Assessment and Evaluation: ($300)

Click here to register - email after registration to obtain instructions on submitting video recordings and reflections for assessment and evaluation.

Master Class – maximum 12 participants: ($400) – no lunch or coffee provided. Workshops run 9am to 5pm

14 Mar, 2022 – Masterclass 1- Review of Basics  Online Click here to register
Jun 21, 2022 Masterclass 2 Providing Effective Feedback In-person Click here to register
Nov 4, 2022 Masterclass 3 Using Deliberate Practice in Supervision Online Click here to register