Our Team

Anita McGregor, Clinic Director, heads the staff team that includes endorsed forensic psychologists and a forensic psychology registrar.

The endorsed team members are all accredited as supervisors by AHPRA and the forensic psychology registrar is a registered psychologist working towards endorsement by AHPRA.

Intern staff are enrolled in the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW and are registered as provisional psychologists with AHPRA.

Anita McGregor Anita McGregor
UFPC Director


Anita was trained as a clinical psychologist at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and practiced in Canada, both in private and public practice as a forensic psychologist. She has been in practice since 1990, and has provided assessment and treatment, conducted training and provided supervision to many training psychologists.

Since coming to Sydney in 2006, Anita has continued has been involved in developing the clinical curriculum of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW. Teaching and coordinating the clinical training of the graduate students in the program has included training, supervision, as well as developing and co-ordinating placements. Anita is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.

Professor Richard Kemp Professor Richard Kemp
UFPC Research Director


Richard's areas of research include forensic and legal psychology, eyewitness evidence, especially identification evidence. In addition, Richard's research has focussed on Policing and Police interviewing, applied cognitive psychology and applied perception. Richard is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist.

Dr Kristy Martire Dr Kristy Martire
UNSW Forensic Researc

Kristy Martire is an Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology at UNSW. Kristy's research and publications focus on social justice matters and covers the impacts of expert evidence in the criminal justice system; financial strain and the transition from prison; substance use and reintegration; substance use treatment within the criminal justice system; and court diversion programs for substance using offenders. She is a Chief investigator on an NH&MRC funded large scale randomised control trial of financial counselling as an intervention for smoking in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

Kristy is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists. She is a member of the NSW Forensic College State Committee as well as the UNSW Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Group.


Leah Vircoe Leah Vircoe
Forensic Psychologist & Clinic Supervisor


Leah Vircoe is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and an AHPRA accredited supervisor. She has worked in both private and public settings across NSW and within urban and regional communities. Leah brings over ten years’ experience within NSW Youth Justice, where she held responsibility for therapeutic program development and evaluation, providing clinical supervision to Psychologists and other multi-disciplinary teams, as well as, providing assessment and intervention services for clients with a range of complex clinical and forensic needs. She also has extensive experience preparing psychological reports for Local, District and Children’s Court jurisdictions, the NSW Parole Board, the Mental Health Review Tribunal and the NSW Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Leah is also currently involved in a collaborative research project between Youth Justice and UNSW involving an evaluation of the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioural intervention for high-risk young offenders.

Dr Annalese Boltan Dr Annalese Boltan
Forensic Psychologist and Clinic Supervisor


Annalese Bolton is a supervising psychologist at the UFPC. She is a forensic psychologist with over a decade of experience in child protection both in the private and public sector. She has conducted assessments and written court reports involving carer, guardianship, parenting capacity, risk of harm to the child, needs of the child including cognitive and adaptive assessments, and working with children checks. She has provided psychological interventions with children, young people, carers, parents, and adult. These interventions have included the forensic treatment of offending behaviours, trauma, behavioural management, reparative care, and parenting after complex trauma. She is a Black Box parenting group facilitator and has been trained in Trauma-focused CBT, DBT, and Feedback Informed Treatment. Annalese completed her doctoral studies in 2020 exploring ways of improving child welfare decision-making.


Kylie Finlayson Kylie Finlayson
Psychologist & Registrar


Kylie Finlayson is a Registered Psychologist and graduate of the program, currently undertaking the registrar program for Forensic endorsement. She joined the team in 2020 after working as a Psychologist with the New Zealand Department of Corrections - Ara Poutama Aotearoa in Christchurch. She has experience providing assessment and intervention for a range of adult clients with complex clinical and forensic needs and has prepared Psychological reports for the New Zealand Parole Board and court system. With over 20 years experience in the criminal justice system, Kylie brings a unique and diverse perspective to issues affecting clients and the broader criminal justice community. As well as providing individual assessment and interventions at the clinic, she is also a group facilitator for Family Connections and Black Box Parenting Programs at the clinic.