UNSW Forensic Psychology Clinic


UNSW Forensic Psychology Clinic

Level 3, Suite 303
13-15 Wentworth Avenue
Sydney NSW 2000

There is some street level parking for up to two hours nearby and the Goulburn parking station on the corner of Goulburn Street and Elizabeth Street. The easiest way to get to your appointment is by train or bus

  1. Take train to Museum Station. When you get off the train, take the Liverpool Street exit. 
  2. When you exit the station, turn to your left and walk down Liverpool Street. You will come to a set of traffic lights. At the set of lights, you will need to cross the road.
  3. Continue walking down Liverpool Street. Go down the second street on your right. This is Wentworth Avenue.
  4. Walk down Wentworth Avenue. Until you reach 13-15 Wentworth Avenue. 
  5. When looking at the building take the entrance with the glass doors on your right (underneath the sign saying “The Edge”).
  6. Take lift to level 3.
  7. When you get of the lift turn to your right. 
  8. Walk down the hallway, we are the second door on your left.

Contact us at

Email: ufpc@unsw.edu.au
Phone: 0478 199 084