UNSW Forensic Psychology Clinic

Referral Process

We accept third party and self referrals for assessment and treatment. Referral forms can be sent to UFPC@unsw.edu.au or provided in hard copy to the WFC (13-15 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills 2010). Once we have received a referral, the referred individual will be contacted for a phone or in-person Intake Interview in order to place them in order of priority for service. Our service runs on a triaged waitlist model where individuals are seen based on risk and need. Waitlisted individuals will be contacted on a regular basis to see if their situation has changed, and to let them know where they are on the waitlist.

Given that we are a forensic training clinic, we require file information for both assessment and treatment. We will let you know what the minimum documentation requirements are once the referral is received.

Our service is a fee for service, please see our fees in the UFPC information package for costs associated with treatment and assessment.