As our clinic operates as a training facility for UNSW intern psychologists in the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program, we offer a host of forensic services that are provided by students under the direct supervision of a forensic psychologist/supervisor, including:


WFC conducts a range of forensic assessments, for a range of purposes. An assessment is a way that psychologists answer psychological questions such as what risk does an individual pose to the community, what are their treatment and supervision needs, or is this person suitable to take a program? Assessments are comprised of a review of file information (often this information is provided when the referral is made, or requested by us to ensure we have adequate information to begin to answer the referral question), a clinical interview and psychological testing. A report is produced that answers the specific referral question.

Therapeutic Intervention:

Forensic therapeutic intervention can take many forms. The most common interventions are:

- Individuals who commit offences – intervention is generally aimed at identifying and treating personal and systemic issues, and augmenting protective factors, that increases risk.
- Victims/Survivors – aims at reducing symptomology of trauma and providing psychoeducation to reduce future vulnerabilities (for example, safety planning).
- Other legal concerns – specific interventions can be conducted for forensic issues not covered above.


As noted on the supervision tab, we provide AHPRA accredited supervision training.

Additionally, we can provide individual supervision for forensic endorsement upon request.


Family Connections: The international Family Connections program is an evidence-based program that provides peer support, psycho-education and skills anchored in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for partners, families, friends and carers of people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or traits of BPD, as well as problems with emotion dysregulation. Please contact for more information on the program and to register for our next available 12 week program. This training is provided without cost to the participants.

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